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Here is a tutorial on how I made Jake the Dog plush from Adventure Time.

I have also provided FREE templates down below. There is a video at the end!

Hope you enjoy :)

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials required:

- Jake the Dog template


- Felt: yellow, black, white

- Matching threads: yellow, black, white

- Stuffing

- Sewing needle, scissors, pins

** When I was making this, I enlarged it from A4 --> A3 (image increase 141%).

1) Cut out all the template pieces with the corresponding fabric

Step 2: The Eyes

2) Sew the white circle to the black circle using white thread. Use a running stitch.

Repeat for the second eye.

Step 3: Droopy Yellow Piece

3) Sew the yellow piece that goes around Jake's mouth (let's call it the droopy yellow piece).

Sew around using a blanket stitch. Leave a small hole to turn it inside out.

Stuff the droopy yellow piece and close it off using a ladder stitch.

Step 4: Nose

4) Sew the nose piece using a blanket stitch, leave a small hole to turn it inside out and stuff it.

Step 5: Attaching the Nose & Droopy Yellow Piece

5) Attach the nose to the droopy yellow piece using a ladder stitch.

Step 6: Putting the Face Together

6) Sew the facial features on to the body.

Eyes: sew using a running stitch (up and down stitch)

Nose: ladder stitch it

Mouth: can use fabric glue - I decided to sew on a small piece of black felt.

Step 7: Main Body

7) Place the body pieces good sides together. Sew around the edge using a blanket stitch.

Leave a small hold to turn it inside out. Stuff it and sew it up using a ladder stitch.

Step 8: Legs, Arms, Ears and Tail

8) Place two leg pieces together and sew around it using a blanket stitch. Leave a small hole to turn it inside out and stuff it.

Repeat this step for the arms, ears and tail.

Step 9: Putting It Together

9) Push the bottom corner of Jake and sew the leg on using a ladder stitch.

Attach the arms, ears and tail using a ladder stitch.

CONGRATULATIONS - You made Jake the Dog!




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    2 years ago

    Great tutorial! I'll have to brush up on my stitch names but I hope to enlarge your template and make a humongous version of this for my wife on valentine's day. thank you!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you so much!!! Let me know how it goes!