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I love jalapeno poppers, but breaded ones are a pain in the butt to make so I generally don't bother. Instead of breading your poppers, put your jalapeno cheese filling into a premade wonton or eggroll wrapper and fry it. One of the best and easiest jalapeno poppers I've ever had.

This is a great snack to satisfy those jalapeno and cheese cravings.

Step 1: Materials


Wonton or eggroll wrappers


Cream cheese

Additional cheeses

Oil (for frying)

Step 2: Cheeses

Cream cheese, I think, is a staple of jalapeno poppers. It's the main cheese, so the majority of the cheese filling is cream cheese. I usually just add cheddar, but I recently discovered this amazing cheese at Whole Foods called "Rum Runner" from Sartori, a cheese-maker in Wisconsin. It's absolutely fantastic and I thought it'd go nicely in this dish.

I used 1/2 a block of cream cheese and maybe 1/3 of shredded Rum Runner and even less of the cheddar---because I want the Rum Runner to shine. Mix all the cheeses together in a bowl and set aside.

Step 3: Filling

Dice your jalapenos and mushrooms. My jalapeno chunks are slightly larger because I love the crunch. I used 3 medium sized jalapenos, because I love jalapenos.

Mix everything together and get ready to make your wontons. If you are making this as a snack for one, as I am, you don't have to use all the filling at once. The filling will keep in the fridge for a couple days.

Step 4: Wontons

I put in about a teaspoon or so of the filling and then fold the wontons, it doesn't hurt to rub two inside corners with a little water and then press the sides together. To get that classic wonton shape, just turn the two long edges of your triangle down towards each other---gently.

Don't worry if the wonton splits or gets a hole.

Step 5: Fry

If you have a fryer, great, use it. I don't so I'm frying my wontons in a pan on the stove. Fill the pan with about an inch of your preferred oil and let get nice and hot.

Fry the wontons for 30-60 seconds on each side for an even cook. You want them lightly browned, not dark golden like in the above pictures. Remove from the oil to paper towels so the excess oil can drain.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Eat. Immediately.

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2 years ago

Lets see. Wonton wrappers check. Cream cheese check. Sharp cheddar cheese check. Mozzarella cheese check. Mushroom check. Only missing some jalapenos.......Wait a minute!!!! Have some whole ones in the freezer. Will let them thaw completely and dry them out on paper towels before mixing with the cheeses. Hopefully that will work. :-P Can't wait to try theses.


3 years ago

Can't wait to make it!

Penolopy Bulnick

3 years ago

These sound great! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe :)