James Bond Dog Costume

Introduction: James Bond Dog Costume

He's got a license to dog, and he's not afraid to use it! This outfit works especially well if your dog is a basenji, since they have built in tuxedos. (Extra bonus points for black and white basenjis.)

Here's what you need for the outfit:

Bow Tie: This is a regular black dog collar with a bow added. That way you can have the dog on a leash if necessary.

Jet Pack: The main body is scrap cardboard made into a box. The exhaust pipes are made from a tube from a roll of wrapping paper. They are both covered with Betabrand disconium, but any shiny paper fabric or foil would do. The handles are shaped from a tuber from a Tubers and Zots set. Red tissue paper "flames" were glued into the exhaust pipes, and attached inside the main pack is a battery operated hand fan.

Harness: The harness is a dog seat belt, and the heaviest part of of the pack is attached to it at the shoulders using zip ties. For more stability, an additional belt made of black fleece and velcro is attached to the back of the pack at waist level.

Now all you need is a Golden Retriever Bond Girl and some frickin' lasers!

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    6 years ago

    I didn't favourite this guide as I don't have a pet but I have to say it's an awesome idea!!! Well done!!! :)