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Introduction: James Bond Style Hidden Key

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I've been watching a lot of James Bond lately and I had a switch and motor lying around so I decided to make a hidden key that gets thrown out when you press an hidden button. The switch is in the boat and the key is in the book case. Please vote for me!!

Step 1: Get Parts

This is basically a prototype so I used alligator clips.
2 1.5 volt batteries with cases
6 alligator clips
Pushbutton switch
Wire strippers
Electrical and duct tape
Motor that can run on 3 volts
Popsicle stick
Place to hide switch and key.

Step 2: Make Battery Pack

I made a batter pack by attaching the positive end of one battery case to the negative of the other with an alligator clip. Then add one more to each end. I insulated each connection with electrical tape, and I wrapped everything up with tape to make a compact pack.

Step 3: Make the Motor Assembly

The throw the key, I split one end of the popsicle stick and slid it on the shaft of the motor and duct taped it in place.

Step 4: Make the Button Assembly

Strip the two wires of the pushbutton and attach an alligator clip to each wire. Insulate each connection with electrical tape. The cut 2 wires to go the distance between the button and motor you are planning, strip both ends, and attach each one to one of the alligator clips and insulate both of the connections.

Step 5: Hide Each Piece

Find a good place to put the button. I chose the window of a model boat. The connect on the positive alligator clip to the positive wire of the motor and hide that somewhere. I hid mine in a book case. Make sure your motor's new Popsicle stick attachment can swing around 180 degrees to launch the key.

Step 6: Attach It All Together

Attach the negative alligator clip of the battery pack to one wire leading to the pushbutton switch. Now attach the last alligator clip to the negative wire of the motor assembly. Then clip the other end to the other wire from the switch. Insulate each connection with electrical tape. Make sure that when you turn the motor on, the Popsicle stick swings in the direction you want it to.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Now these are optional. If the key ring just slides down the Popsicle stick, then you can put a bump of duct tape near the top so the key stays at the top. I hid all the wires and duct taped them out of the way. I also put the motor on an object so the Popsicle stick could swing 180 degrees. I hop you enjoy!!

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