Japanese Floating Lights

Okay so since everyone seemed to like my fire fly lantern about 1 month ago, I thought i would share my other light idea.This is something very nice. This gives you nice lighting effect while also cutting down on your electric bill. Great for kids night light..My daughter like it. She can see everything in her room and not be scared of the dark but is not to bright so she can sleep, it turns her whole room blue and she loves it. Its also great for those romantic people out there, this sets a great romantic mood for any couple..

Now what you will need is 4 paper lanterns. the ones that look like japanese lanterns. Or the ones you buy in a pack for a graduating or wedding party. Then you need 4 x-mas firefly 2 AA batter lights and 4 command strips. Now the ones I use are the blue LED lights you get for $1 at any Family Dollar around x-mas time.. (these are the only ones that will give you this blue lighting effect)

Step 1: Begin

So now that you have purchased all your material, its time to open them. Open your white japanese lanterns and then your lights..after that take the metal base and wrap your light around it. (follow the pics)

Step 2: Reassemble

now that its all wrapped up, lets put it back together. after that your wil need to grab your command strips and tack them to the ceiling.

Step 3: Your Finished

Okay your ready for the big finish..once you have figured were you want all your command strips turn your lights on, hang them up and get ready to turn off the lights.

PS. I will upload the finally pics of night time soon..My batteries are just dead and need 8 new ones for maximum light effect.. they will be posted soon!!!

Step 4:



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