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Introduction: Japanese / Oriental / Asian Inspired Candle Holder

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I wanted to make something special for my mum's birthday present, and after searching for a unique candle holder i realized there wasn't a Japanese / oriental style one.

So i came up with this, a Japanese / Asian / Oriental inspired tea light and incense candle display.

Hope you like it !

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Step 1: Cut Legs

I started by cutting the legs out, after i had the rough cut outs i thought it needed something else, so i tapered the bottom of the legs .

Step 2: Cut Braces

For a contrast in color i cut out stretchers / braces from meranti.

Step 3: Plane

I didn't want to do much sanding so i set my plane up to smooth out the surfaces. I taped the brace / stretcher pieces together do they would be exactly the same size.

Step 4: Wood Burn & Glue Up

For an extra touch i added the Japanese symbol for light on the front stretcher , this was wood burned in.

Next i started gluing up the base, i chose to do this in stages as it was much easier to clamp in parts and the glue everything up.

Step 5: Rip & Cut Body

Now that the base was done, i moved onto the body of the piece, i started by ripping a 2x4 and some more meranti into strips.

Step 6: Glue Up & Shape

Once the strips where planed flat i glued them together to make a tray essentially, once the glue was dried i made a lot of relief cuts and chiseled out some of the body, this gave it a arc shape making it much more interesting than a straight piece of wood.

Step 7: Sand

I then sanded everything at 320 & 500 grit to get a nice glass like feel.

Step 8: Final Glue Up

next i glued the already complete base onto the tray and added some weight while it dried.

Step 9: Finish

As always last the last step is the finish, i used some clear gloss finish, brushing on 5 coats and sanding at 500 grit between coats

Step 10: Add Candles & Insense - Job Done

Thats it - job done.

All i did to finish it off was add the candles and a Buddha ornament that i drilled a hole in to hold incense.

I love how its turned out , and so did my mum so is a win win.

I hope you liked it as well, hopefully its nothing you've seen before.

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    9 Discussions

    you definitely can't just call vaguely asian designs "oriental." it's offensive and ignorant.

    2 replies

    im sorry you feel offended by my wooden candle holders. You'll find i never called it oriental i said it was inspired by, i am not ignorant i was simply stating where the design inspiration came from.

    Yes, and it's not like you're ignoring what people had said, as you stated in one of the comments above, you have taken on board what people have said have done nothing wrong; a great instructable.


    Very nice! Great idea!


    10 months ago

    I love your "inspired" candle holder! Nice work.

    1 reply

    Oops. I think you ment to say, Asian, not Oriental. The Orient is the area we know today as the Middle East.

    2 replies

    Thank you for pointing it out , it has been added to the title , hopefully this better explains where my idea's came from

    I should have listed asian but it was a mixture of Asian, Japanese & Oriental that ispired the design.