Japanese Strawberry Mousse




Introduction: Japanese Strawberry Mousse

About: I am Japanese and I love Cooking & Baking!!

This is very EASY & DELICIOUS Recipe for you~!! 


-200g Fresh Strawberries (Extra strawberries for decoration)
-200ml Heavy Cream
-5 Tablespoons Sugar
-5 g Gelatin
-3 Tablespoons Water
-1 Teaspoon Lemon juice


Combined strawberries and sugar in a food processor (Blender) until smooth.
*Save 3~5 Tablespoons strawberries puree for decoration


Soften the gelatin in liquid (3 Tablespoons Water) for 5 minute. In a bowl whip cream until stiff peaks form (Not too hard, not too soft)


Combined all (Strawberries puree, gelatin liquid, whip cream) in to large pan and mix all together with low heat for 3 minute.
 Pour in to cups and refrigerator for 2 HRS.

Enjoy my Japanese Strawberry Mousse & Thanks for visiting my page! :)

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    This looks beautiful! It would be pretty to serve at a cocktail party or for a holiday celebration. Great first post.