Japanese Style Lamp

Introduction: Japanese Style Lamp

I would really like to make an instructable for this, but my lack of photos have prevented me from publishing it. I was inspired to make a Japanese style lamp after looking at various instructable projects on them. However, I didn't have the materials to follow their steps and had to come up with my own design as a result. This project is very easy and should take you only 2 hours at most. I am afraid that I only have the one picture of the finished lamp, so you will have to make do with my text only instructions and the picture of the completed lamp

You will need:

* Cardboard box of any size larger then 8" x 8"

* Hot glue gun

* Box cutter

* White computer paper

* Paint of your choice w/ paint brush

* Pencil

* Ruler

* Packing tape

* Battery w/ LED OR Light bulb w/ socket and plug

Step 1:

Take your box and figure out what side you want to be the bottom. If it is a side that opens up, don't tape it closed. If it is a side of the box that has no opening, cut it so that it creates a flapped opening that you can open at will during construction, but tape closed at the end of the project. Tape up all other opening on the box so that the only side that can open is the side you have designated as the bottom.

Step 2:

Take your ruler and on each of the five other sides of the box, draw a large square thats border is at least 1/2" in from the edge of the sides of the box. Next draw whatever patterns you would like on the inside of the squares you have drawn. I suggest keeping it to minimalist geometric shapes because the cardboard gets difficult to work with the more daring you go. The picture of the finished product should give you some ideas. I also would advise making sure that your patterns are roughly the same width as a sheet of computer paper, so that when you cover the patterns later, you only need one sheet. Using the paper size as a limit, you could conceivably put two or more patterns on a side if it it is a large box.

Step 3:

Cut the cardboard out following your patterns. Take care not to force your cuts as you might end up ripping your pattern.

Step 4:

Use the paintbrush and paint to coat the outside of the box and wait for it to dry.

Step 5:

Take computer paper and cover each side of the box with it from the inside (see pictures of finished lamp). To do this, stick the paper in through the opening you made in the bottom of the box. Working through this opening, use the hot glue to secure the paper to the back of each side on the box. How much paper you use will ultimately depend on how big your box is and how many patterns you put on it as a result.

Step 6:

Close up the bottom of the box with tape. If you would like, you can paint over it. Now cut a hole in the center of the bottom large enough to put your LED light or light fixture inside.

You are now done!

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