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I made a japanese traditional lamp shade "Andon" with wood.

Once you put the lamp or candle inside of the shade and turn your room light off, your room will change into a exotic Asian taste space.

The structure is simple.
I made it with a wood cut by laser cutter.

Please forgive me to skip the design process.
The necessary illustrator data to make this lamp is provided below.

1. Prepare 1/4 cut wood and cut it according to the illustrator files.

2. Compose "segment1~4" and "top" according to the grid in the side and make rectangular shape

3. Create stand part with "stand" and "nakafuta"

4. Put a candle or light bulb inside of the shade

Congratulation! Your lamp has completed!

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    5 years ago

    The Illustrator file doesn't appear to be attached?