Jar Lid Magnet Key Holder



If you are constantly misplacing your keys consider making this simple project jar lid magnet key holder.

It will take just an hour and won't cost you a thing.

Actually I made this key holder repurposing some jar lids and for the holder base I used wood board leftover.

The only thing I had to buy were a magnets and I think you can buy them or at your local home improvement store.

It’s time to finally have a place for your keys once and for all.

This key holder make my life happier, saner and sweeter! :)

Step 1:

I used wood board leftover and some jar lids.

Sand the board. Apply varnish to protect the board.

Step 2:

Paint jar lide with white primary acrylic paint.

Then paint it with color you like.

Step 3:

Add magnets.

Glue jar lid to the board.



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