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Introduction: Jar Plants

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  • Hi welcome to the world of jar plants, now sit down or stand you are your own person and learn how to make a jar plant of your own.

Step 1: What Are Jar Plants?

Jar plants are decorative planters that can easily be made all you need are a few things too make your very own jar plant

Step 2: What You Need

refer to the notes on the picture :)

Step 3: Layer 1 Charcoal

  • add the charcoal as the first layer
  • add about a half a inch of charcoal to the bottom of the jar

Step 4: Layer 2 Stones

  • after the charcoal start adding a layer of stone to the jar.
  • you can add as much or little as you like to the jar but remember the more you add the more noticeable the stone will be on that layer.

Step 5: Layer 3 Potting Soil

  • add the potting mix .
  • make sure that there is more potting mix than stone to ensure the plant can thrive.
  • I added another layer of rock and soil in the photo so feel free to experiment with layering to get the perfect style for your jar.

Step 6: Add the Plant

  • now add the plant.
  • to add the plant just push the plant down into the jar and try to get the plants soil to spread into any gaps while adding additional soil in between to fill any gaps then give the jar plant a good watering and your done.
  • now its time to place the jar plant in its new spot.
  • I also made a second jar plant with a aloe to show how it looks when using a different shape of jar.

Step 7: Thanks for Viewing

  • if you like this instructible let me know in the comments i love reading comments
  • also for the next few days this will be entered in a few contests if you like my instructible I would really appreciate your vote and support in the contests :)
  • thank you for viewing and enjoy the jar plant.



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    Those are neat looking! I voted for it. If you are inclined to check it out, I have an intsructable entered (a DIY custom t-shirt quilt) in "Before & After", "Sew Warm," and "Handmade Gifts". No pressure, entering my own project made me want to check out all the other contests. Good luck!


    2 years ago

    This would be a great use of those odd jars that can't be used for canning. I think I will use this idea for growing herbs in my kitchen. Thank you.