Jayne's Cunning Hat

Introduction: Jayne's Cunning Hat

"The hero of Canton, the man they call, Jayne!"

What Firefly fan doesn't want their own Jayne hat? It's warm, soft, and is a shiny keepsake from a beloved television series. With these easy to follow steps, you can make a replica of Jayne's iconic hat for the Firefly fan in your life.  Whether you're making this for yourself or a friend, for fun or to complete your costume, this hat will make a fantastic accessory and complete any costume.

This pattern is of moderate difficulty and requires an intermediate amount of skill.

One size fits most. If you have a larger head add two rows to the stockinette stitch steps and cast on an extra 4 stitches. If you have a smaller head subtract two rows from the stockinette stitch steps and cast on 4 fewer stitches.

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Step 1: Materials

To begin with you will need:

2 Circular needles
          *one 16" US size 11
          *one 16" US size 10

3 Skeins of bulky weight yarn
          *1 Orange colored (I used Lambs Pride Autumn Harvest)
          *1 Yellow/Gold colored (I used Lambs Pride Wild Mustard)
          *1 Red/Wine colored (I used Lambs Pride Spice)

1 Yarn needle

1-4 Stitch markers
          *If you don't have stitch markers, the tab off a pop can, a safety pin, or a scrap of yarn work as

(Sorry, no grenades will be necessary for this project.)

Step 2: Casting On

All steps in this pattern are done with a double strand of yarn. Personally, I have found it easiest to use the center pull and outer pull of the skein. You could also wind your yarn into two separate balls or use two skeins.

Using the size 11 needles and holding two strands of yarn together, cast on 60 stitches in your chosen orange color.
Make sure your stitches aren't twisted and join the round placing a stitch marker.

Step 3: Starting the Orange

Continuing in orange,

Switch to the size 10 needles by knitting one row.

Then continue knitting in a double rib stitch (knit two purl two across) for four more rows.

Step 4: Finishing the Orange

Continuing in orange,
Knit in the stockinette stitch (knit every stitch) for twelve more rows.

Step 5: Changing Color

Now you must change from orange to yellow. (If you have a preferred method of changing color feel free to utilize it.)

Cut the orange yarn leaving a tail about 3 inches long.
Tie the yellow yarn around the orange tail as close to the base as you can get using a simple double knot.
Knit one row in yellow making sure you keep the knot on the wrong side (inside) of the hat.

Step 6: Continuing With Yellow

Continuing to knit with two strands of yellow yarn,

Knit in the stockinette stitch for 10 more rows.

Step 7: Decreasing Stitches

Continuing with yellow yarn

Knit two stitches together around the row.

Knit one row as usual.

Step 8: Decreasing Again and Binding Off

Knit two stitches together then knit one stitch as usual around the row.

Knit one row as usual then bind off knit wise leaving a tail approximately 12 inches long.

Step 9: Placing the Ear Flaps

At this point take the time to try on your hat. With your cast on knot centered on the back of your head pull down your hat so that it sits just above your ears.

While trying on your hat, use a stitch marker (safety pin shown here) to mark the place where you would each of your ear flaps to begin.

Step 10: Picking Up Stitches

Starting with the stitch you marked on one side, pick up 10 stitches towards the cast on knot with the US size 10 needles.

Knit one row using two strands of yarn in your chosen red color.

Step 11: Knitting the Ear Flaps

Continue using two strand of red,

Purl the first row
Knit the second row
Continue this pattern for 11 more rows.

It is normal for the edges to curl inward.

Step 12: Decreasing the Ear Flaps

Continuing on with two strands of red,

For the 1st row:
knit one stitch as usual,
knit two stitches together
knit 4 stitches as usual
knit two stitches together
knit one stitch.

For the second row
purl across

For the third row
knit one stitch as usual
knit two stitches together
knit two stitches as usual
knit two stitches together
knit on stitch as usual

Step 13: Binding Off and Finishing

Bind off purl wise leaving a tail of about 4 inches long.

Cut off a strand of both orange and yellow yarn approximately 8 inches long.

Tie these strands into the end of the ear flap to finish the tassel effect. (You should have two 4 inch strands of each color hanging from the end of the ear flap.)

Step 14: Repeating on the Opposite Side

Repeat the previous 4 steps on the opposite side of the hat to create the second ear flap. The only difference being when you pick up the stitches, don't start at your stitch mark, count 10 stitches towards the cast on knot and start picking up stitches there ending at the stitch marker.

Step 15: Making and Attaching the Pompom

Make a pompom about 3 1/2 inches in diameter (or smaller if you prefer). (To give the hat a more rugged look, trim the pompom unevenly.)
             (If you don't know how to make a pompom step by step directions can be found at
               http://www.helloknitty.com/pdfs/pompom.pdf )

Using the yarn needle, thread the tail left  from binding off the top of the hat through the center of the pompom.
Thread the needle through the stitches at the top of the hat cinching the stitches together.

Step 16: Finishing

To finish off your shiny new hat simply weave in, trim, or tie off all the remaining loose ends and tails, flip right side out, and stick it on your gorram head. It won't protect you from Reavers, Jubal Early, or the Alliance, but if you walk down the street wearing this hat, people know you're not afraid of anything.

Now go be a big damn hero.

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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    what yarn names for a fool allergic to wool?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hobby Lobby has a nice soft acrylic brand I've used for scarfs, Alpaca makes nice hats but is kind of expensive, Cotton is also nice. Just pick a bulky weight yarn, anything with this symbol will work, in an orange, red, and yellow (or any color you want really).


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I swear by my pretty little bonnet, that is one warm hat when made with wool:)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything.