Jazz Line No.1

Introduction: Jazz Line No.1

Jazz Line number 1
In order to take full advantage of this workout we will first analyze the line and then you will play a series of self evaluating exercises viewing the lick from different perspectives.

You can only go to the next exercise once the current one has been mastered in all twelve keys. This line works well over a dominant chord and it is based on the mixolydian scale.

Remember the whole point is not to memorize the line but to teach our ears and hands to hear and say musical idioms that are part of the jazz language.

Ah, one more thing…. Practicing licks is a workout. Practice is not Improvisation. You do not want to play a rehearsed line when you are improvising and sound like a robot. Improvisation is about being in the moment and having a natural musical conversation where you know what the other members of the group are talking about. Ok let’s get started

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Step 1: Watch the Video and Play Along

Step 2:

That’s it! We’ve analyzed and looked at the lick from different points of views using and defining many concepts that are essential in the jazz language such as
Scales degrees 1, 3, 5, 6, b7, 7, 9, and #11

Chord Scales we talked about Mixo and Pentatonic

Passing Tones we used the 7th as a passing tone between 1 and b7

Upper Neighboring Tones the Bb above the A

Target Notes #11, 9 and 3

Approaches double approach, chromatic, triple and the concept of trapping

And Rhythm using a chromatic descending line

So we are ready to play the entire lick and in the process we’ve done lots of ear training and clarified all those concepts

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    3 years ago

    I think someone might misunderstand you. Practice comes before improvisation.