Jazz Up a Teapot



I'm not much a tea drinker, but when I have a cup I like it to be from a pretty teapot.

Step 1: Take a Plain Teapot

I had an old white teapot lying around, looking a bit drab, and thought I'd have a go at brightening it up.

After seeing this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Community-Kids-Bui... I thought I'd use the same sort of pens rather than paints.

Step 2: Pencil the Text

I started off by using pencil to draw an outline of the text. It wasn't easy as I don't think I had the right sort of pencil but after a few attempts I could make out the letters.

I used ceramic pens which, for me, are considerably easier than paint and paintbrushes.

Step 3: Decorate and Bake

I decided on a simple spotty design for my first attempt, although drawing free hand circles wasn't that easy!

After the design was finished I baked the teapot in the oven for 25 minutes at 160 degrees celsius to make the design permanent.

Time for a cuppa now!



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