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Most of my craftings are greatly inspired by my Grandma. A few months ago she sent me a bunch of pretty laces. I had some jeans fabric, so I thought of making a jean and lace purse (as we all know that jeans and lace make a pretty combination). Making this purse is very easy and it'll take only 10 minutes.

These jeans and lace purse can be great for holiday gifts! they're easy to make and useful!

Lets get started!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these jeans and lace purse you'll need:

1) Jeans fabric,
2) Lace (of at least 2 inches width),
3) Lining fabric,
4) Sewing machine,
5) Thread and needle,
6) Button,
7) Pencil, measuring tape, scissor.

Step 2: Cutting the Parts

Cut out 1 piece of jeans fabric and 1 piece of lining fabric of similar size, (any size you want). I've used 6 X 5 inches of jeans to make the purse, where the width of the purse would be 5 inches and the height of the purse would be 3 inches (after folding the 6 inches into half).

Cut a piece of lace, 1.5 or 2 inches longer than the purse's width.

Step 3: Attaching the Parts

Place the cut out jeans fabric (facing the right side up) on a flat surface,
Place the lace on the top of it and then the lining fabric as shown in the picture

Sew both sides of the width, to attach the jeans, lace and lining fabric together.

Turn the right side out after you're done sewing both sides.

Step 4: Completing the Purse

Fold the fabric into half (except for the lace, it will be flap of the purse),
Now, sew both sides twice to complete the purse,

Sewing the base for a purse is very easy.
Hold any one corner of the wrong side as shown in the picture and sew a straight line. Do the same for the other corner.

Now use a thread and needle to lock the sides of the lace. You can also use sewing machine to lock the sides.

Now turn the right side out.

Step 5: Attaching Button

Attach a button simply by using thread and needle.

To complete the closure system of the purse take a thick piece of thread and attach it with the lace flap and make sure to create a loop with the thread (see picture).

Done! I made 4 purses in 20 minutes! I hope you enjoy making'em as well :)



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I am on a very tight budget and it is always hard to come up with gift ideas that my friends and family will like. I thought of using recycled materials from jeans, or dresses, etc. to make some of these purses for gifts. They can also be used for makeup bags. They will love them! Is it ok to use your idea to make them?

    1 reply

    Thanks for reading my tutorial! and of course it's ok to use my idea :) post a tutorial or share the picture if you make some :)


    5 years ago

    Cute! Great gift idea for all ages! Don't forget: when you give a purse as a gift, always put a penny in it for Good Luck! :) my mom taught me that and she always does it!

    2 replies

    Thank you so much! putting a penny for good luck sounds like a cute idea, I'll definitely keep that in mind :)