Jeep CJ7 Nose Lift

Introduction: Jeep CJ7 Nose Lift

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I was walking down the isle at the Rhinebeck swap meet when I saw this old Jeepster nose. I thought it would look great on my CJ-7. thankfully it fit in the trunk and left plenty of room for more stuff...

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Step 1: Disassembly

The first thing was to chop it up.Then I took the center piece and test fit it on the jeep but I had to cut a full vertical rail from each side

Step 2: Putting It All Together

Not bad but a little odd looking with the edges cut straight so I took the end pieces I trimmed off and cut off the tips then welded them to the center piece making a nicely rounded edge leading back to the original Jeep grill

I cut the top off and welded it back on upside down to make a nice peak instead of the rounded indentation. That was almost perfect. A little body filler to finish the slope but not too much sanding. I love the weathered rough look. Then  I added some VW Bug signal lights on the front fenders too. At night a Jeep always looks small because the front lights are so close together. Now there are running lights on the fenders.

Not bad for the front but what about the back? I found some VW Thing lights on sale at CIP1. Not a bad look.The original taillight wiring was routed to a 6 pole trailer connector. I added a brake controller under the dash too just in case.

I ran all new wires from the dash for the separate brake and signal bulbs so they work as expected

It nice the always see two brake lights even when signaling. I love my Jeep......

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