Jeep Door-less Mirrors



Introduction: Jeep Door-less Mirrors

This Instructable will convert Quadratec's CIPA Dual Mirror Set from frame mounted to hinge socket mounted mirrors.

I ordered these mirrors to replace the original mirrors on my 97' Jeep Wrangler; and so that I would have mirrors on my Jeep when I removed the doors. I'm required to have rear and side view mirrors by a restriction on my license. However, after installing the mirrors I found them to look improper, impede the doors from opening, and I was unable to see the passenger side mirror with the doors on. I tried to return the mirrors, but was unable. I put the mirrors on the shelf until I came up with a way to reuse them

I decided to modify the mounts on the mirrors and make lemonade out of lemons.

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Step 1: Original Packaging

Here is the original packaging the mirrors arrived in. They are meant to be mounted on the side of the of the windshield hinge flange. 

Step 2: The Plan

I looked on a few forums at ideas others had done already. At first I decided to just place the mirror arm with a bolt into the hinge socket. But, I was concerned about the mirror moving even if I put a high amount of torque onto the hinge bolt. Looking at the original mounting hardware I realized I  could fashion up a stop from the plastic mounts that would keep the mirrors from moving.  However they needed some modification.

Step 3: Modify the Plastic Mounts

The plastic mounts had to be modified by making flats that could ride up against the Jeep's body, and the holes need to enlarged to 3/8in so that the bolt fills the hinge socket. If carriage bolts are used as I did the top plastic mount needs to drilled out to 7/16 to allow for the square portion of the carriage bolt.  These modified mounts keep the mirror arms from swinging, and won't scratch the Jeep body.

I needed to make the flat, and luckily the radius of the plastic mount is larger than the distance from the Jeep body to the center of the hinge socket. I held the plastic mount over the hinge socket and marked where the edge of the socket appeared through the bolt hole. This told me how much material I would need to remove. For my installation I found that I needed to remove 3/32 of plastic. I then used my Dremel to sand away the plastic.

Step 4: Modify Mirror Arm

The mounting holes on both mirror arms need to be drilled out to 3/8in for the new bolt. I used my drill press as pictured.

Step 5: Putting It Together

All the modifications are done and its time to mount the mirrors. I did bolt the assemble together before mounting to check everything. I used stainless steel 3/8-16 x 3 1/2 carriage bolts, 3/18-16 hex nuts, and 3/8 flat washers for mounting hardware. But you could absolutely use cheaper regular zinc plated carriage bolts, or hex bolts

Once mounted you will need to bend and move the mirrors into place so you can properly see. Don't worry the area where the mirror attaches to the arm is flat and thick, it can easily stand up to some bending. Just go slow.

Step 6: Notes and Video

Thanks to wrangler forum for some ideas.

As well here is a video showing the mirrors in action and how much shake they have.

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