Jeep Seat Pocket Sleeve

Introduction: Jeep Seat Pocket Sleeve

My 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited has a map pocket on the back of each front seat. The pockets are big enough for the large scale recreational atlases such as those by Benchmark and Delorme, but the pocket tends to sag and does not provide much protection for the atlases. This sleeve will hold the atlases in place and provide some protection from wind and rain.


  • 1/2 yard of fabric per sleeve
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • 6" long x 1" wide nylon webbing (optional)
  • medium size binder clips (optional)
  • tarp grommets (optional)

This instructable uses the common sewing convention of calling the finished outside fabric surface the "right side" and the concealed inside surface the "wrong side". Even though both sides of your fabric might have the same finish, it is important to keep track of which face will end up on the outside of your finished project.

Step 1: Cut Fabric

Cut Fabric to 55" x 16" for one sleeve. You could use almost any type of fabric for this project. Here I'm using 1.9 oz/sq.yd. black ripstop nylon. My previous prototype was made with woven polyethylene housewrap scraps, and it was still in good shape after 2-1/2 years of use.

Step 2: Sew It

Fold 1/2" of fabric to wrong side along both long edges and straight stitch first hem. Do the same on both short edges. Fold the long edge hems again and straight stitch second hem; this keeps the cut edge of the nylon fabric from fraying.

Fold corners to wrong side as shown, straight stitch along edges.

Fold 1-1/2" of top edge to wrong side and straight stitch. Repeat for bottom edge.

Step 3: Wind Tabs

This step is optional. Make two tabs 3"x1" from nylon webbing or hemmed fabric scraps. Stitch 1" of one end of each tab to right side with loose end of tab in line with the corner between the straight and angled edge of each side, see diagram. The top edge of the tabs should end up being even with the top of the map pocket when installed. We'll use medium binder clips to hold the sleeve in the pocket, this will keep the sleeve from being blown out of the pocket if you drive without doors or top on your Jeep.

Step 4: Final Assembly

Fold right sides together and stitch along straight edge of each side from angled corner to bottom, approximately 7".

Turn right side out and stitch tops together about 1-1/2" from top edge.

Make two button holes, 6" on center, at the top. Use a 3/4" diameter button to make the button holes. Or, punch two holes 6" on center and put in two tarp grommets.

Step 5: Install

Remove front seat headrest by pulling up on headrest while pushing in retaining buttons on both receivers. Place button holes or grommets over headrest rods and insert headrest into seat.

Tuck sleeve into seat pocket. If using optional tabs, secure loose end of tabs to top edge of seat pocket with medium binder clips; this keeps the sleeve from being blown out of the pocket if you drive without doors or top on your Jeep.

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