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Introduction: Jell-O Popsicles

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A couple months ago Penolopy Bulnick froze some Jell-o in the Test Kitchen. It was strange... but also pretty awesome! I remembered the experiment last week and did some googling and it turns out that Jell-o popsicles are everywhere. I can't remember seeing an instructable about it, so I really wanted to share it - they're unlike any popsicles I've had before.

Jell-o popsicles are something I'm super sad that I never ate as a child - they're gummy AND frozen! The perfect combination. :D

They also drip slightly less, so they're good for small kids. And they're softer and easier to eat than normal popsicles, so I bet they'd be awesome for teething.

Step 1: Ingredients:

  • 3 oz package of Jell-o
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1 cup cold water
  • sprinkles (optional but sooooo fancy)

You'll also want some popsicle molds. I used these Zoku fish pop molds - they're adorable and perfect for blue Jell-o. They have little fish butts as the sticks! And bones inside!! UGGGHHHHHH so cute. :D

I also poured the excess Jell-o mix into a large ice cube tray for extra popsicles and improvised some covers and sticks.

Step 2: Combine and Pour

Add the boiling water to the Jell-o and mix until entirely dissolved and then add the cold water and stir again.

Add sprinkles to your molds if desired and then pour the mix in. (I let my Jell-o mix sit for a few minutes before I poured it in. Not sure if it's necessary, but I was worried about the little sprinkles.)

Step 3: Freeze and Enjoy!

These popsicles took a little longer to set up than I was expecting - it might take up to six hours! I tried to remove them at three hours and then four hours, but they were just a little too soft still.

If you make them, share photos! :D

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Just put mine in the freezer! Can't wait to try em'!

I remember freezing hello as a child but have not done it in years. Will do it again this summer.


2 years ago

I knew this had to be a thing.. weve been making pops out of "sugar" juice and they are lacking in taste so all weekend i have been saying "cant i use jello flavoring?" With sceptical looks fro the hubs.. i finall got a minute to Google it this morning a BAM! Your post popped up! I am SO excited to give these a try (some of my excitment maybe to prove to him they exsist and will be delish, haha) i will post again after everyone tells me how genious i am and that i am the best mom ever! (Kidding)
Thank you!!

this looks awesome! I want to try it. My little sis was wondering if it is like jello or a Popsicle when you bite into it. This looks like a fun summer project. Thanks for sharing!

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I just tried these today, same mild and all, but I must have been really lucky cause mine only took 3 hours in the freezer :/

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It also depends on the volume to surface area ratio of the molds you use. Ones shaped more like a ball or cylinder will take longer to freeze than the same amount done in a flat shape. Also, more volume = longer freeze time!

Yummy lookin

So so so so so so so so so so so so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tupper Wear Ladies have been giving out Jell-o popsicle recipes for 40 years. They are called "no drip popsicles". Kids love them. I make them every summer for our Day Care. You can make them sugar free with the sugar free jell-o or extra healthy by adding yogurt and fruit instead of the cold water. My husband who is diabetic loves the sugar free on hot summer days for a non sweet treat

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That's awesome! I had no idea they'd been around so long. :)

I like the idea of adding fruit and yogurt too. Thank you for commenting and giving such good ideas!

I made this and it went viral like a blockbuster movie :D
Thnx aloooot =)

popsicle molds are available on aliexpress for as little as $3.50 with free shipping

The way people get fruit to distribute evenly through jello salads is to wait until the jello has partially set, then stir everything through. The same principle should hold true for sprinkles. And since these took six hours to freeze, you have plenty of time to try. :-)

That might work better with molds that were easier to stir, though.

They sound lovely, I think I'll make some today. :)

It's worth mentioning that many commercial ice pops, popsicles (whatever you call them) contain gelatine* to make them less solid once frozen. I myself add a little gelatine to fruit juice and freeze it so you get a softer fruit juice ice pop.

*Obviously food perpaired with gelatine may not be kosher or halal but that's a matter for more spiritual people deal with.