Jello Salad




Introduction: Jello Salad

If you love salad, but not vegetables, this may be for you!

(or if you just think this would be a funny thing to make for a potluck...)

Tapioca Beads
Heavy Cream

Sauce Pan
Baking Sheet
Turkey Baster
Small Bowls

3oz package Jello
1 cup water
Couple tablespoons of cream, as needed for opaque effect
Ice cubes

Boil water, add Jello, remove from heat and stir in ice cubes to speed up chilling process. 

There may very well be a tastier finger Jello recipe out there, but I was just making this for spectacle.

Step 1: Lettuce

Pour green Jello on the baking sheet and allow to set.

Just rip up pieces to make lettuce

Step 2: Carrot

Pour orange jello in the turkey baster (remove ball) and allow to set

Slice the opaque piece for carrots

Cut the transparent piece into cubes for croutons or cheese.

Step 3: Hard Boiled Egg

Now it gets crazy because two colors are used!
  • Use plain gelatin (or jel) using the same ratio and add cream for color
  • Pour into small, roughly egg-sized bowl
  • Allow to partially set
  • Place second, slightly smaller bowl in first
  • This will need to be fairly solid before pouring in the 'yolk'

Now make yellow Jello...
  • Add cream to yellow Jello
  • Remove small bowl from set 'egg'
  • Pour in yellow Jello
  • Allow to completely and fully set
  • Remove from bowl and slice

Step 4: Cucumber

I was playing with tapioca beads as seeds, which I think has promise.

For the cucumbers I used green Jello with cream and just stirred in some tapioca beads when it was partially set.

Step 5: Tomato (Beets)

Pour your red Jello into a roughly tomato-sized container, chill and slice.

I was trying to make tomatoes, but they really looked more like beets in the end.  I think these would benefit from the tapioca method pioneered in Step 4.

Step 6: Dressing

To make a dressing-like substance, I poured a thin layer of the Jello from the egg yolk in a bowl and laid that on top.

Hope this gives you some fun ideas!  In retrospect, I now think I should have incorporated fruits and veggies into each color.

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