Jellurt (jello Yogurt)




Introduction: Jellurt (jello Yogurt)

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This is really good snack for the lunch or dessert, kids love it.

Step 1:


-jello (flavour of your choice)
-hot water 1t
-cold water 1t


-wood spoon
-measuring cup
-glasses bowl

Step 2: Pour Warm Water (1t)

It depend of the brand, always read instructions.

Step 3: Pour the Jello Powder

Step 4: Mix It in Order to Have a Smooth

Step 5: Add the Cold Water and Mix

Step 6: Put in the Freezer for 2 Hours

Step 7: Wait

You will watch a movie, I watch district 9.

Step 8: Take the Jello and Cut It in Little Dices

Step 9: Add the Yogurt and Jello

Step 10: Mix It

Step 11: Put in the Freezer

Step 12: Enjoy !

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    4 Discussions

    Isn't like ice cream but you will freeze it and eat it like a Popsicle !

    I have a new favorite word: Jellurt!

    Do you put it in the freezer to chill it fast or to freeze it solid like an icecream?
    Sounds real nice but am wondering what frozen jelly is like!!