Jelly Doughnut Surprise




Introduction: Jelly Doughnut Surprise

It looks like a tasty jelly doughnut, but it's really a mustard(or ketchup) filled surprise!

Step 1: Supplies

-Jelly Doughnut(s)
-Turkey baster
-Mustard and/or ketchup

Step 2: Heat

Stick the doughnut in the microwave for quick ten second bursts until the jelly runs. Hold the doughnut by the edges and pour out the jelly. Use the baster to get the jelly out that doesn't pour out.

Step 3: Fill

Take the mustard, which just so happens to have a perfect shaped nozzle for this prank, and load the doughnut with mustard. Don't fill it too much though. Then use the baster to put some of the jelly back in to conceal the mustard.

Stick it in the freezer for 5-15 minutes to help the jelly gel again and plug the hole.

Step 4: Place the Bait

Leave the mustard filled doughnut out, or in the bag, with the other doughnuts and wait for your unsuspecting victims to dig in.

Step 5: Laugh and Gloat


Also try other edible substances, hot sauce for example. :)

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    48 Discussions

    I did this over 20 years ago. I filled it with washing-up liquid.
    Boy was it worth seeing :)

    Even better! That would provide quite a shock to someone expecting a sweet jelly treat.

    What you forgot one of the best fillings! Creamy horseradish sauce! Looks like bavarian cream and is a bite that keeps on biting

    1 reply

    bavarian cream is sooo bood...last year at my school everyone would throw their bavarian cream pockets away but i would take as many as i could!(not from the trash tho...)

    it almost make people throw up and condiment basically makes any one hurl if they were not expecting it....