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Introduction: Jelly (Jell-O) From Baby Food

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When my son was about 8 months old he suddenly decided he was sick and tired of mushy, texture-less baby food but I could tell he still loved the taste. He also had the misfortune of suffering with pretty bad constipation. I knew fruit purees, particularly pear, would help him out immensely but he just did not want to eat them!
I tried mixing it with cereals, stewing my own fruits, watering it down to drink and just about everything under the sun to get him to eat it but nothing worked until I found my miracle!
I don't know why the thought had never occurred to me before, turn it into jelly! Making your own jelly as opposed to buying it means you have total control over taste, texture and how firm you want it. Perfect! I could make jelly with just enough bite to keep him satisfied and know that he was still eating fruits.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

For this instructable you will need only minimal, readily available ingredients:

-1 jar baby fruit puree, around 100-120g
-1 tsp gelatin powder
-50ml boiling water
-spoon to mix ingredients
-jar to set and serve jelly

Step 2: Combine It All Together

This is crazy easy, and simple to adapt.

-Dissolve the gelatin in boiling water in your serving jar. Spoon out any stubborn chunks of gelatin that don't want to dissolve, they're just a pain and too small to make a noticeable difference.
If you want a firmer jelly add another 1/2 tsp gelatin or use 1/2 teaspoon less for a very soft jelly.
-Add in your puree and stir well.
If it doesn't all come out pour some of the jelly mix back into the jar and give it a shake. This will loosen the puree and it should all pour it and mix evenly now.
-Leave it to set in the fridge. Four hours is usually a good minimum setting time.

Step 3: Mix It Up a Bit

There it is, it's that simple! Use any puree you want, fruit or veg. It's a nice change for your little one, but still comforting to them as it is the flavours they know and love.
I've made this with my own purees too. My favourite is to stew finely chopped apples and pears with a hint of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla, sugar isn't needed as the fruit is sweet enough. I cook until soft and chuck it in the blender until it reaches the right consistency then add in the gelatin mixture.

Step 4: Thanks

Full credit for this instructable goes to Rafferty's baby products. The original recipe can be found here

I hope you and your little one enjoy and please leave questions, suggestions and experiences in the comments :)

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    5 years ago

    Thank you so much MsSweetSatisfaction :) It's still a regular treat for him six months on!