Jelly Coconut Triangles

Introduction: Jelly Coconut Triangles

jummmmyyy  triangles :)

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Step 1: Dark Dough

For dark dough you'll need:

- 500g ground (petit beurre) biscuits
- 2 spoons cocoa powder
- 200g sugar powder
- 50-60g butter softened at room temperature
little milk to connect all together...

Step 2: White Dough

For white douugh you'll need:

- 200g butter softened at room temperature
- 200g sugar powder
- 200g coconut powder
- 100g shredded jelly
.. mix all together..

Step 3: Dividing

You'll need plastic wrap…..
Divide dark dough on two parts onto plastic wrap and  roll each one.. (size 12cm x 25cm)
Put the white dough in the middle (divide it too)...

Step 4: Shaping

With your fingers connect two edges of dark dough (plastic wrap will help) so that it take the form of triangular toblerone chocolate...
and refrigerate at least 2 hours....

Step 5: Arranging

cut it into thin triangular slices... arrange them..
and ENJOY...

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very interesting! These are pretty. I've never seen anything like them!