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Introduction: Jellyfish Costume Headpiece

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We are doing an under the sea medley in our touring show, so I needed to make a jellyfish costume for one of the male performers. This is the tutorial of how I made the hat. I used the little plastic sheets you crochet with or you can use for different craft projects and i cut out a pattern to fit my head as you'll see in the little drawing I made. Now I used a heat gun to melt the plastic together, but it works just as well with a glue gun and is probably healthier bc it does give off bad fumes, so if you choose to melt it, wear a mask and stay in a ventilated area or do it outside. Make the plastic fit your head comfortably. That's probably  the hardest part of this project which isn't all that hard, just takes time and practise. lol. 

Next I painted a big plastic bowl all white so it would be the base color of the jellyfish. I next cut the material in the shape of the drawing, to fit bigger than the bowl because I knew I wanted it to puff out away from the bowl and look "chubby" so I would be more theatrical looking. I sewed the pieces together, small ends in the center, then added elastic on the sides to gather up the middles of the puffy section so it would bulge out. i placed it on the bowl and shoved stuffing in between to add the puff. Then glued the bowl to the hat piece. 

Next I cut out the tentacles in the circular direction, like in the drawing and glued the wide ends on the inside of the jellyfish so they dangle out. I covered the hat piece with some extra fabric and hot glue, added an elastic strap to hold it on the face and it was done! :) I'm going to be airbrushing some colors onto it next, I just haven't gotten to it yet. I stayed up late last night to finish some other costume projects and got too tired. 

Hope you like.

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