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Introduction: Jellyfish Pendent

I made this for a friend and she loved it so let me share with the rest of you. Sorry there are not a lot of pictures. I always dive head first and then after the fact think of taking pictures . Plus what else would you do with those old forks you have lying around haha. Mine I found in my back yard while putting in a new fence. 

Step 1: What You Will Need

Saw ( I used a jewelers saw)
Blow torch 
Safety equipment (gloves, goggles,)
Dremel or a flex shaft (optional but helps file it down faster)
Sandpaper various grits 
polishing wheel and some polishing compound  

Step 2: Kill It With Fire

Put on some heat resistant gloves and fire up the blow torch. Get the prongs nice and hot. You may want to do them one at a time because they will cool off to fast. Now bend and twist the prongs into the shape of your tentacles.  

Step 3: Cut Off the Head

Now take your saw and saw off the head as close as you can towards the rounded part.

Step 4: Sand and Polish

Now file the little left from sawing it off. Now you will more than likely need a little sanding and a good buffing because of using the blow torch has left it a little blackened. Once that is done just drill a hole in the body or solder on a jump ring and there you go.

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