Jersey Shore Dog Costume

Introduction: Jersey Shore Dog Costume

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My roommate Amanda and I dressed her dog Auggie up as Pauly D for Halloween this year.  This Jersey Shore look isn't just a Halloween costume - its a way of life.

Dress your dog up and walk them down the street in this outfit; they will surely turn heads!

Step 1: Inspiration From the Jersey Shore

The Essentials for Pulling of the Jersey Shore Look:

Blow Out Hair: this requires lots of gel and grooming
Hot Bod: hours of time spent in the gym and tanning salon
Chain: to keep you looking tough
Tank: the shirt before the shirt

Step 2: Find Adorable Unsuspecting Dog

We snatched this adorable puppy from Westchester, NY which is not a far ride from Jersey.  He likes long walks on the beach, chasing other dogs, playing with sticks, and napping.

Step 3: Give Your Dog Some Jersey Style

Start by giving your dog the perfect Jersey Shore name.  We settled on Auggie D. (short for Auggie the Dog).

Next we gelled up Auggie D's hair around his neck (in a spot he couldn't lick), added a white tank and metal dog chain and Auggie was good to go!  There was no need to bring him to the gym and tanning salon, you can see his hot bod and silky fur coat was a result of hours of playing on the beach.

Auggie D. fist pumped the night away at our Halloween party.

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