Jessie- Household Robot

About: I am a Senior in high school who actively participates is FTC, Mate Underwater Robotics, and TSA. Making is not just a hobby for me it is my passion! My goal is to learn as many things as I can before starti...

This is Jessie, a robot designed and engineered to function as an actual family member, not just an assistant. Josh is constructed to stand upright at a height of 5’4”, which is the combined average height of female and male humans, allowing Josh to easily fit into any family unit with approachability and comfort, unlike that of most other future electronic devices. This inventor has focused on providing a task-oriented robotic device utilizing voice and optical recognition along with control via computer, phone, or tablet. Jessie’s head component has a large touch screen, allowing the user to visualize emotions such as anger, frustration, happiness, and uncertainty. Simultaneously this screen may also be used as a computer for displaying web pages and documents. Two wireless antennas placed above the head display screen feature a 360 degree mobile camera and an array of gyroscope sensors with rotational capacities for tracking objects and locations. Jessie is fully autonomous and does not require human input to move around and complete scheduled tasks. Jessie has two completely opposable arms providing 8 degrees of freedom allowing for a wider range of motion as opposed to that of a human. The robot features two hand options: one pair mimics human hands designated for tasks of daily living and the other pair features vacuum grippers that are designated for industrial tasks. With the combination of the fully opposable arms and articulated hands, Jessie can do everything, if not more than humans can. Jessie “walks” with two airless wheels that allow for smooth transitions between level surfaces and stairs. This robotic design uses a gyroscope to keep balance; the same way a segway keeps the user upright. This same system also works for lateral balance with the independent adjustable suspension in each wheel. This inventor designed Jessie to withstand the elements of outdoor environments, including uneven surfaces. Jessie is IP-68 rated, allowing for incidental spills and safe prolonged outdoor exposure. Jessie has a large battery bank stored in his lower torso allowing the device to remain functional for multiple days without a battery charge. As Jessie recognizes low battery power it autonomously drives itself to the closest docking station; allowing zero down time. Jessie not only has powerful onboard speakers, mics, and cameras but will also wirelessly connect to a home's sound and security system to enable home wide audio visual communication. This also helps Jessie to visually and audibly distinguish between people allowing custom inputs for different people.

Jessie is programed to be self taught with the use of the internet to learn and complete tasks. For example, if Jessie is asked to vacuum the house, and has never completed this task before, Jessie will search the internet for how to vacuum and then execute what he has researched. If the internet does not have information regarding the family’s request, Jessie customizes family requests and inputs data on how to complete the task. One example: if a family wants Jessie to bake a pie just like grandma used to make, the embedded code allows for Jessie to retrieve archived information from the family’s individualized data bank and prepare the designated pie. Each time Jessie has executed a task, the task is stored in an onboard database and uploaded to a cloud service. If the family operator is not satisfied with the task Jessie has performed, that task feature is edited. Inherently, the longer the owner has Jessie, the better the device becomes at completing the family’s tasks. This robotic system works for cooking, cleaning, caring and much more. Even though Jessie is designed for the house of the future and works best with internet connected devices. Whether it be retrieving the daily newspaper, brewing a fresh cup of coffee, or deterring an intruder from entering a family home, Jessie is here to make your life easier and safer.



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