Jesus LED Acrilico (plexiglas)




Regalo para la abuela de mi novio, la cual es muy religiosa.
//Gift for my boyfriend's grandma, who is very religious.

Primero que nada, los materiales:
//First of all, what you'll need:

-Un minitorno (en mi caso un dremel 300 series, con una punta bien fina)
//A dremel (in my case a Dremel 300 Series

-Un pedazo de acrlico, la medida depende de lo que se quiera hacer
//A piece of plexiglas, it can be the size you wish.

-Un soldador
// A soldering iron

-Una cajita de plastico para usar de base
// A plastic box, which will be used as a base

-Pintura plateada (opcional)
// Silver painting (opcional)

-LEDs en mi caso una tira de 10cms.
//LEDs in my case I used 10cms.

-Una bateria de 9v
//A battery 9v

-Una llave, para apagarlo cuando no se use
// A switch

Es todo!
//That's it!

Here is another project that I did using the same steps..
Aqui esta otro proyecto que realize usando los mismos pasos...

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Step 1: Empecemos... Let's Start

Hay que cortar el acrilico del tamaño que se desee
//Cut the plexiglas the size you want.

Step 2: Print the Image You Want/Imprimi La Imagen Que Quieras

Una vez impresa la imagen, la vamos a sujetar con cinta aisladora para poder trabajar mas comodos.

//Once the image is printed you'll want to put some tape over it to work more comfortably.

Important...print the inversed image...that way when you do the job and you turn it the right way it will look the way it should.

Importante!! se debe imprimir la imagen al revez. me refiero a que una vez que ya este tallada la imagen la parte que sera visible para la persona va a ser la que no esta tallada... y ahi si se va a ver bien. como deberia.

Step 3: The Box //La Caja

Una vez que termines de tallar la imagen, hay que colocar el acrilico sobre la caja y asegurarlo con un poco de silicona.

Once you are done with the image on the plexiglass... you will have to put the plexiglass over the box and fix it with a little of glue.

Step 4: LEDs

Vamos a conectar los leds con la bateria, y a probarlos..

para esto basta con soldar dos pedacitos de cable fino sobre la tira de leds, uno para el positivo y otro para el negativo... luego colocamos estos dos cables en uno de los extremos de la llave.
Al otro extremo ira conectada la bateria...

Let's conect the leds with the battery and try them....

to do this, you will need to solder two pieces of wire onto the leds... one in the + positive side, and the other on the negative -
after this you have to put this two wires into one of sides of the switch.
On the other side of the switch you have to conect the battery.

Step 5: Done! Listo!

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Reply 6 years ago

Hi! I used plexiglass 3mm thick. If its any thinner I don't know if you'll break it. Hope it helps! (sorry for my english)


6 years ago on Step 4

Very nice project. Can it be made from Window Glass ?
And you didn't tell where to use the dremel and Silver painting ..?

1 reply

Reply 6 years ago on Step 4

Thank you! I never tried with glass.. i really don't know if it will reflect the same. I will try it and let you know soon!
The dremel is for engraving the acrylic and the silver painting is to paint the box where the acrylic stands.
Sorry for my english, i'm from Uruguay :)


8 years ago on Step 4

ueee . que buen manual ¡¡
desde misiones Arg.

1 reply

8 years ago on Introduction

Not my taste of subject matter, but definitely one of the more effective side-illuminated pieces we've had.

3 replies

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

I really appreciate your comment :) I like doing this kind of stuff :D (sorry for my english, I'm from Uruguay)

Phil Bshd128

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Your English is fine--much better than many kids in the US who have spent much of their time sending text messages.

Very nicely done.