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Introduction: Jesus on Toast

About: I'm a Mechancial/Aerospace Engineer that likes to tinker in my spare time. I make my own Christmas Cards.

I don't know why images found on toast so amuse me. While I'm still practicing my wood-burning kit techniques and laying righteous anger on my adversaries on the various forums, I was inspired to take a shortcut and make this GIMP.

I have a fortunate resemblance to Jesus, as he is my big brother, and so I was able to pose for the toast image myself. I used a greyscale filter and then shifted the color to browns (like a darker sepia tone). I took the opportunity to fill in my beard.

To make the toast transition I filled in the background and faded the edges. From here it was a simple slip over to the image of me holding the toast.

The text...well, that was what started it all! Enjoy!

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    No. My hair is long already and I just made it a bit messed up for the anger.