3D Printed Jet Engine

Intro: 3D Printed Jet Engine

I made this.This was a challenge i set myself. I wanted to advance my creo skills so I challenged myself to make a jet engine. I am very proud of what I have done.

Please share my design to any friends or family members who enjoy and find engineering interesting.

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By Yohann Panthakee

Step 1: How It Works 1 (front Case)

As you can see in the 3D simulation the front piece of the jet engine has a job of directing and concentrating the air flow on to the compressor wheel. This is done by the rounded edge as you can see in the 3d model.In the video you can see the air coming towards the piece and some of the air is being directed around the front case but most of the air is concentrated in the centre. The front pieces job is to directs the air in to the combustion chamber. This only helps get more air to the compressor wheel so that it can get compressed. this piece would improve the amount of thrust on a real jet engine because the more engine the jet engine gets the more thrust shall be produced.

Step 2: How It Works 2 (compressor Wheel)

In the middle you can see a small area of light orange/red. This indicates that it is are of compression so this piece is doing its function which is to direct airflow in to the compressor wheel.This part is called the compressor wheel. the compressor wheel is a vital piece in the jet engine. This is because it sucks all the air from outside and compresses it to a very high pressure. In the simulation you will see that as the air comes from the front piece it will hit the compressor wheel. In the simulation you can see that the air is being twisted into a vortex. This part is called the compressor wheel. the compressor wheel is a vital piece in the jet engine. this is because it sucks all the air from outside and compresses it to a very high pressure. In the simulation you can see the air hits the compressor wheel as it does this you can see that the tracers (the lines) change colour because they are changing direction because of the blades. Unfortunately I could not get the compressor wheel spinning in the simulation but if it was you would be able to see that the tracers would spin in to a vortex shape a lot more.

Step 3: How It Works 3 (exhaust Chamber)

The exhaust chamber is the final part which as much force can be produced due to the choke.This directs the air to the back propelling the jet engine forward. It also has a slight scale down for the opening. This allows for more of the air to be force out at a higher pressure and if it was real jet engine it would have more thrust.

Step 4: Part 1 (stater Wheel)

The stater is designed to house the compressor wheel ,but the main feature of it is to direct the air from the compressor wheel in to a vortex motion towards the combustion chamber. This will be more efficient than just direct air flow in to the combustion chamber.

Step 5: Part 2 (combustion Chamber)

It is also known as a burner or combustion chamber or flame holder. In the jet engine, the combustion chamber is fed high pressure air by the compression system (Compressor wheel) and is ignited at the same time creating a small explosion. The combustion then forces air out the exhaust chamber at a constant pressure.

Step 6: Part 3 (central Shaft)

The shaft is the centre axis where all the parts fit around. The two bearings go in to the centre of the stater and the end plate.

Step 7: Part 4 (gas Ring)

The gas ring is the ignition source for the jet engine. there would be a constant flow of gas (propane) which would be lit inside of the engine. this would then instantly combustion the fuel and air mixture as soon as it came in to the combustion chamber.

Step 8: Part 5 (fuel Ring)

The fuel ring is where the fuel is entering in to the combustion chamber via the pipe. this the directs in to a small ring which distributes in to small streams and sprays of fuel which will then be much easier to ignite.



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