Jet Pack

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post to this since I only discovered the site today. So many great things on here I thought i'd share the Jet Pack costume I made last year.

I made this for Halloween last year and it was great fun, especially when people couldn't figure out how my legs were floating haha

Anyway, i'm looking forward to adding more to the site over the next while :)

Step 1: Some of the Materials

Here are some of the materials I used.

Silver Spraypaint used for the cones on the cylinders

Yellow Spraypaint Used for the shoes

Red Spraypaint Used for the pants

Red, Yellow and Orange tinsel used to create the firey pants

Pair of old pants (red if possible in case the thinsel seperates)

Doublesided tape for holding tinsel in place on pants

Thread for attaching tinsel to pants

Tinfoil used to coat the cylinders

Backpack used to mount the jetpack

Corrigated Cardboard – lightweight yet sturdy enough create solid cylinders

Birdfeeders used for the top and bottom of the cylinders (they just happened to be the right size so I went with them)

An old belt to support hinge mechanisim

5ft ¾” wavin pipe, 2 T-joints, 2 elbow joints

Wavin glue to to secure hinge mechanisim

1 pair of thights (pantyhose)

Multiple newspapers to stuff the thights with

Oh, and old reliable ducktape for, well, you know, EVERYTHING :)

Step 2: ​The Hinge Mechanism

The hinge mechanism I used to allow the legs to lift.

**Apologies for all the bananas, I had uploaded these to Imgur last year. (the banana was for scale)

Step 3: The Legs

The finished legs :)

Step 4: Flames

Probably the coolest pants I've ever had. Pity I put the flames on upside down, the red should be at the bottom :(

In order to make these I first spraypainted a pair of sweatpants red and yellow to correspond with where the tinsel would be going. This is so should you snag the pants anywhere, the colour can still be seen underneath.

Once the pants were dry I lay strips of double sided sticky tape all along the legs. I removed the backing as I went and placed the tinsel in place. This allowed the tinsel to stay in place for the next step.

Once the tinsel was stuck to the pants i then sowed the tinsel in place for additional support. This method seems to work as these pants survived two nightclubs and a full days work (yes I went to work wearing this haha)

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    love the humor, and the execution of channeling that!! oh your user name is probably the longest i have ever seen!! Double the humor factor


    4 years ago

    Woooo fellow imgurian! I remember when that jet pack gif made the rounds. Glad to see someone made an instructable, but you could use more details here like sources and all the parts. Looks good though!

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    just saw a commercial with a guy wearing something like this in his office


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Lol really cool costume! I saw Charo wearing those pants years ago...