Jet/Alcohol Stove




This a great little stove for camping or in a survival situation. they are a fun little project that takes no time at all and could save your life

Step 1: Materials

To start off you will need the following things:

Two aluminium cans of your choice, They both need to be the same size and in perfect condition e.g. not crumpled

Permanent marker

3. A roll of tape

A 1mm round nail or drill bit


Pocket knife or something to puncture can

Sand paper, I used 200grit. Its just for removing the paint and sharp edges on the can

Step 2: Cleaning

Its important to clean out the cans because if residue of anything left inside the can mixes with the Alcohol/methylated spirits it can cause the stove to not function properly. on occasion the stove can spit if there are any impurities in the can.

Step 3: Sanding

make sure you sand the can when it is still whole, I found if you try to sand it when it is cut you can damage the can which is no good. you only need to about 1/4 to 1/3 because most of the top is going to be cut off.

Step 4: Marking Out

like shown in the picture, put your marker on top of the roll of tape and hold firm against the bench. next hold the can just until the pen touches then carefully rotate the can so you have an even line right the way around the bottom of the can/

Step 5: Marking and Cutting Jet Holes

mark an even amount of jet holes around the bottom of one of the can with the permanent marker then using the nail carefully push the nail right through the can, you may want to use a small hammer or piece of metal. Then you need to add two holes in the middle of the can, these are for filling the can with alcohol or methylated spirits.

Step 6: Cutting the Can

puncture a hole in the can with your knife then cut along the lines you drew earlier. you should end up with the two bottoms of the cans like shown in the picture. cut a small slit in the top piece so that you can put the two halves together.

Step 7: Lighting

so now you finished all that's left to do is test is out. carefully pour about 3-5 tablespoons of your flammable liquid into the top, let it nun through the holes in the top. with a lighter heat the bottom until you can hear it boiling once it is well and truly lit put a 10cent piece in the centre. how the stove work is by boiling the methylated spirits it start to produce fumes which are very flammable. these fume are what catches alight and the heat from these flames continues to keep the liquid boiling, it a continuous cycle. enjoy your new stove. DO NOT USE PETROL!!!



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    6 Discussions


    2 years ago

    That's a great idea! I've never thought of that.


    2 years ago

    Nice design, and similar to something I made from an old drinks can, but whats the 10c piece for???

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    It's to keep the flame in a nice flame shape and not just random flames like a campfire.


    2 years ago

    Will this little thing be able to cook something? Any idea how long 5 tablespoons will burn? If you're heating up a little pot of beans or water for coffee, it would be good to know. maybe suggest building two of these so while one cools down a person could simply prep the other and light it to continue cooking. And, I don't know much about methylated spirits but, if a person should not cook at marshmellow or hot dog over the flame if its harmful. Seems like that stuff is probably harmful. What do you know?


    2 years ago

    You have to heat up the can its self, when you can hear the liquid boiling try putting the flame near the holes if it doesn't ignite put it down on the side of the can again. Hope this helped


    2 years ago

    BOMB91 I quite dont get how to turn it on, I'm about to try this in a few minutes, I hope it works