Jetosaur the Lego Transformer

About: My name is James, and I am a hobbyist, amateur CAD designer, and graphic artist!

This is my first instructable about Legos, so this is not a step by step instructable. I will however show you each individual limb, so I hope you will like it. Oh also, the figure looks better in real life, so if it looks a little cooky in the pictures, just know that it looks whey cooler in real life. Also this is a very sturdy creation in both modes!

Step 1: The Anatomy

Here is his basic anatomy.

Step 2: Transformation

Transform, and roll out! Or fly out. Hope you liked my creation, and hopefully it inspired you to make your own creation!




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    To anyone who read this instructable, I was just wanting to say this about the design. I was trying to design a transformer that was kind of Transformers-Movie-ish. But I was just wondering which character my creation reminds you of, just write whatever it is below. I really appreciate your input!


    Well, since you have a good amount of those pieces than go for it! It's probably a good idea to look at some pictures of creations that other people made just to get an idea of how it should be built, because the technic pieces aren't as easy to build with.

    I wish you the best with your building!


    The bionicle and technic pieces only come in handy when you have a whole lot of them. Because I have only a few, so they don't look very good on a creation by themselves. But if you have over fifty of those than good for you! But for joints, I find regular hinge and ball joint pieces to be better for these type of creations, because they are more stiff, and it makes your creation more posable.

    Thanks for your question! :)


    Okay, so it depends on what size of frame the character you have in mind has. And it also depends on how closed in his outer shell is. For example, if i was wanting to build a ROTF Optimus prime, than I would look at as many pictures of him as possible. And maybe even look at pictures of lego models that other people made. Also, I used to have trouble building on a large scale when I first got my big set of Legos a few months ago, because I didn't know my pieces. If you have practice building smaller creations, which of course you have had lots of practice, than you can start making bigger creations, and you just keep making them bigger over time, because you know your pieces. Also if I am building with ball joints, I make the frame first, I start from the legs and go up, because the legs usually need more pieces than the torso. The creation that I made above, was put together from the legs up.
    I'm going to post another comment continuing my explanation, but I think that this is a long enough comment to read so I am going to knock it off for the time being.

    I'll be back! (Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger as the terminator used to say).


    ‚ÄčThat's okay, I used to have a hard time too. But I may be able to help you with that, I just need to ask you a question, about how you try to build bigger models. Do you make one limb at a time, or do you make a basic frame and then build upon it? This question is most necessary for this problem.

    Thanks for your comment!


    5 years ago

    This kinda reminds me of jet fire but it is multi coloured like omega supreme

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    I'm sorry, I just have a hard time with taking my creations apart and then putting them back together right, because they are kind of complex. So, I'm sorry about that! I did take a good amount of pictures, so you should get a good idea of how it is constructed.

    Sorry about the disappointment. :(

    -J.R. :)