Jewel Box From Pallet Wood

Introduction: Jewel Box From Pallet Wood

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I recently found an abandoned pallet by the road. I took it home and dismantled it to salvage the wood for projects.

Usually, the blocks of paletts are made from some kind of particle board material. But this one was different... As I held one block against the belt grinder, it turned out to be a quite beautiful hardwood (possibly beech) with a very nice grain.

So, I rummaged in my instructables favourites and soon found inspiration...

Step 1:

I sanded all four sides to remove the dirt, paint and dents.The lid was cut off with a band saw and I used a large 50mm forstner drill and a 10mm drill to hollow the box out. The inner sides were refined with a chisel and a dremel grinder. The nail holes were plugged with beech dowels that were sharpened with a pencil sharpener. These plugs were hammered into the holes with a little glue and sanded flush after drying.

To hide the drill marks at the bottom, a thin piece of beech plywood was cut as an inlay.

Finally, hinges were added and I treated the wood with liquid wax to give it a nice look.

Fellow instructabler t0mm0t has already posted a very nice and much more detailed instructable which inspired me to build this little box. Make sure to pay it a visit!

Step 2:

If you like what I made, please consider voting for me in the contest!

Thank you for stoppying by!

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    4 years ago

    Wish I was good at woodwork! Nice instructable