Cheap Jeweler's Glasses




just some jewelers glasses i made from an old set of glasses and old camera parts

Step 1: Gather Your Stuff!

Just gather what will be needed to assemble the glasses as well as what you'll need:
-Krazy Glue (or any glue you like).
-Old Glasses (or new it's your choice they have to be metal and big framed).
-Old camera (preferably video, they tend to have more magnification).
-Old telescope (if you get only one lens from the camera).
-A piece of string or a glass holding cord. (for holding the glasses obviously).
-The lens cover from the camera (if available).
-A self-made lens cover (to prevent eyesight straining) [optional].
-A Knife (comes in handy). -Safety Glasses, goggles, etc. (for all the safetyphilliacs).
-m&m's (to keep focus)
-a pair of hands.
-a brain
-Ahhh! I forgot... more etcetera.

Step 2: The Glasses

Push the lens out of the frame and widen the frame where the lens used to be.

Step 3: First Assembly

Supposing that at this time you have disassembled the camera (and/or telescope if aplicable) and taken apart the lens/lenses, proceed to fit them into the frame until they fit tight. Try not to keep the whole assy of the lens, (the assy as a whole is meant for zoom not magnification). Make sure you have positioned the lenses correctly and right where you want them.

Step 4: Let's Glue It!

Having now positioned your lenses previously, glue them in place and let it sit until the glue hardens (if using Krazy glue 1 min. or so will be enough) this time can vary depending upon which glue you are using.
Please don't mind the messy hoodie.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Measure the cord to have a length that measures from one ear to the other and measure about 3 in. more. Cut it off!

Step 6: Almost There

Get some heatshrink tubing about 2 times the gauge of your cord and cut two pieces (about 1 in. long).
insert one tubing piece in the arm of your glasses and pass your cord through it once in the arm so you should be left with the cord inside the tubing and the arm too, repeat for the other arm.
Or else just tie a knot.
Still tubing looks neater.

Step 7: There, You Finished!!

If you want you may put a led onto it (which comes in very handy) by following this tutorial:, which is very simple, in adition to that tutorial, you can slip some heatshrink tubing over the whole thing for neatness. It's preferable a light of this type because of its shape-ability.
if you are to install that light, just tape it to the frame or use big gauge heatshrink tubing and "tube" it to the frame. Again, this for neatness.



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