Jewellery Box

Introduction: Jewellery Box

I decided to make a jewellery box for my girlfriend for Christmas as a cheap yet meaningful present. Used old pieces of wood (an oak headboard etc), didn't spend much money apart from tools and decorative materials though finished product was better than anything I could have bought for her. Great idea for anyone else wanting to give something special without spending as much money. I designed the initial shell and layout, though improvised everything else (when using wood, exact measurements cannot be made until certain activities are completed). Took me a months worth of weekends and evenings, enjoyed every last minute of it. Hope this provides some pointers and inspiration.

Step 1: Cut Out Shell

Used a table saw to get the best cut.
Cutting list: - bottom and top (same size), two sides (same size), back.

Step 2: Sand Wood to Desired Finish

Used coarse sandpaper to remove original varnish. Get it to a smooth, workable finish. Don't worry, this won't be the last sand.

Step 3: Cut Holes for Fixings, I Only Used Dowels, No Screws

Used uniform size 6mm diameter 30mm length dowels, drilled an appropriate size using pilot hole and then 6mm drill bit. Didn't drill more than sensible depth as I didn't want to go through the wood. Measure accurately, I used digital callipers everywhere I could. No set list of holes to be drilled or where to place them, just consider the features you wish to include and place dowels appropriately.

Step 4: Drawers

Use whatever measurements for them to fit snug in your box. Use a router to cut a slot for the base part to fit into the sides (see photo if unsure).

Step 5: Finishings

Chisel hinges for lid, attach hinges and any other handles etc. Take it slow, don't rush as mistakes at this stage aren't fun. Glue using PVA and clamps when you are satisfied it is at a stage you will not have to take it apart, sand, drill more holes etc.

Step 6: Finish Decorative Materials

Lay felt (if you are) using PVA Glue.

Step 7: Seal, Sand, (Varnish) and Wax

Apply sealer, leave to dry for specified time, lightly sand off, apply varnish (if desired, I did not), apply wax on and leave for 1 hour, then buff wax off.

Step 8: Finish

Anything else you have left to do then finish. Your box is now finished.

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    3 years ago

    I've been looking at this site, since I do need it for my stuff, then I found this here, It's quite interesting! I'll ask for my husband's help to create something like this. Thanks! :)


    6 years ago

    this would be fun to add some secret compartments to. Nice job!