Jewellery Organiser: Fun, Easy & Low Budget !

Introduction: Jewellery Organiser: Fun, Easy & Low Budget !

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I wanted to create a small simple unit for my sister for her everyday wear jewellery. Like every Indian woman, she has chunks of colorful accessories that she uses and no proper way to organize it. I decided to make something out of the stuff that was already there at home (out of all the things lying around, my family collects pretty much everything). Some collectables i have were picked up from places (Souqs, Farmers markets etc) & some were things that i had saved thinking i will put it to good use.

So this is basically a best out of waste type of project with actually no real investment, using pretty much everything i already had at home (i will elaborate on that in the steps).

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Step 1: Supplies !!


1) A wooden basket (farmers market) I used the one i got with my fruits.
2) Paint: Any 2 colors (preferably bright, unless you are into the classic chic thing, white would look great too)
3) Paintbrush
4) Sand paper
5) Hammer & nails
6) Wrapping paper ( u can also use a nice piece of cloth with foam)
7) Used Knobs: 2 nos
8) Empty glass bottle
9) Old shot glasses: 3 - 4 nos
10) Drill Machine

Step 2: Lets Prepare the Base !

Cut the sand paper to the size and work on the wooden basket to give it a smooth finish. Sometimes the edges aren't smooth and can end up giving an injury.

Also If the basket isn't perfectly new...its okay. The rough, rustic look adds to the jewellery. I almost didn't want to sand it at all. (personal choice though)

Using a sanding block is the right way to sand, but i don't have one so i use this method. It a technique (or a trick i learned somewhere) to cut the sand paper a little bigger than the size of the sturdy object of your choice, and to sand using it as the base. I used a moisturizer bottle. Method: Wrap the paper around it, hold it firmly and sand.

At this point, you might need to hammer down some nails/ or glue to make the box more sturdy (the box we used was not built to be strong or stable.)

Step 3: Take Out Your Paintbrush !

Even though colored, i wanted a rough look. Hence, i didn't go for the primer and stuff. You can do that if you want that kind of a finish.

I painted the outside & the inside of the box with 2 different colors. keeping it simple.

Let it dry.

Step 4: Analyzing & Marking !!

Check out how and where you want all your things to be placed. With a pencil, mark the points.
Mark the location of the knob placement & drill 2 holes as per the thickness of  the screws, with a drill machine.

Make 2 more if you want to hang on the nails.

Step 5: The Bottle!!

Take out your favorite glass bottle. Make sure its slim and the height is right to be fitted in the box.

Using soap & water, remove the label. Scrub. Let it dry.

I painted 2 coats of the same color on the bottle. let it dry after each coat. I used vinyl silk emulsion. It might not be the best choice, but that was the one i had.

Step 6: The Back!!

Use colorful wrapping paper on a cardboard to act as the base.

Cut it the size of the base and stick.

Alternatively, you can use a cloth stitched with foam backing on the base.

Step 7: Assemble & Display!!

Start with the knobs, Make a small hole in the wrapping paper making sure it is at the exact same place on the wooden base. Fix them up.

Using a glue at the base of the bottle, stick it to the box on your marked position.

Again using glue, stick the shot glasses on their desired places.

Admire your work & get all your jewellery to be placed on it quick.

Hav fun !!

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