Jewellery Display Roll Made With Every Day Items.

Introduction: Jewellery Display Roll Made With Every Day Items.

This is a simple and quick way to make a handy and attractive holder for your jewellery, whether it be for displays on a stall or for your own bedroom shelf. It saves space and displays your jewellery beautifully! Plus its so easy to make!

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Step 1: You Will Need...

A cardboard roll (any size) Can be from the inside of toilet paper, kitchen towels etc.
A piece of material bigger than your roll and enough to cut two large squares from.
Stuffing (this can be anything you want such as scrap material or cotton wool)
Needle and thread
Double sided sticky foam tape

Step 2: Cut the Fabric... that you have a little excess on either side, enough to tuck in. Make sure that the material is long enough to overlap when wrapped around the roll.

Step 3: Cut a Piece of Sticky Foam... the same length as the roll, if the foam is wide cut it in half so you have 2 thin strips.

Step 4: Stick the Foam Onto the Roll...

...and then stick the roll onto the edge of the fabric, don't forget to leave a little excess material on either side.

Step 5: Stick Your Other Piece of Foam...

...onto the opposite side of the fabric. Roll the cardboard along the material and then firmly stick the foam down where it overlaps

Step 6: Tuck in the Ends...

...into the tube, you can leave it at that if you want, but the next steps give the holder look much neater and more professional finish!

Step 7: Cut Two Squares of Material... be used to fill the gaps, size wise i doubled the amount of the diameter of the roll. That was 2 and a half inches so i cut the fabric just under 5x5 inches.

Step 8: Cut the Corners..

...into curves, to give your pieces of material a more circular shape.

Step 9: With Your Needle and Thread...

...start to sew around the edge of your circle. The closer your stitch is to the middle of the fabric, the smaller your pouch will be. As you are stitching pull the thread tight so that the material bunches together, once you have sewn all around the piece pull tight but leave enough space to fill.

Step 10: Fill Your Pouch...

...with stuffing, make sure its enough to fill out the pouch, but not too much that it overspills when its pulled tightly. Pull the thread until it closes the pouch, don't worry if it doesn't close completely you wont see the stuffing poking out.  Sew over the same spot a few times to secure the stitching.

Step 11: Push Into the Tube...

...and repeat the process for the other side.

Step 12: And You're Done!

With your pouches tucked into each end of the tube your jewellery roll has a neat, professional and attractive finish. Its now ready to use for all your jewellery needs. Be creative with your material choices and you can have a fab selection of jewellery rolls.

If you find some of your jewellery doesn't fit the roll, attach a small elastic band between the end of the jewellery, it helps it stretch over the roll.

Happy DIYing

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    That's a great idea, thanks! I will keep that in mind next time I make one :D

    Good idea :) to make it more of a "stand" you could poke a hole in the cardboard roll and put it on one of those CD holders