Jewellry Project

Introduction: Jewellry Project

My name is Udit Mathur, and after doing my jewelry project, I will be giving you instructions on how to make my personal Manchester United bracelet. The features my bracelet have are: Black and red color, three cones on the top of the bracelet and my initials (UM). These initials can also be switched around into MU which stands for Manchester United. My design is for Manchester United supporters.

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Step 1: Making the Design

I started by designing my bracelet on tinker cad. I chose this design because I am a Manchester United supporter. The design is red and black which symbolizes the colors of the team.

Tinker cad is an app which allows you to design any 3D shape in any format. You can design your choice of bracelet, necklace, ring key chain earring, anything you wish! This app is very useful for designing your ideas.

Step 2: Testing the Design's Shape and Size

After designing my bracelet on tinker cad, I 3D printed my design (not in jewelry) to see the look, the size and the measurements. The 3D design was able to fit on my wrist and had the right measurements. I then colored my design to see if the color gave an effect to the bracelet. Tinker cad cannot extract a colored jewelry so I have to color my final design.

Step 3: Polyurethane Foam

I then had to put the bracelets into two polyurethane foams. One has the bracelet from one side and the other has the opposite side of the bracelet. To do this, I had to find the exact measurements of the foam. Then I had to group the foam and the bracelet together ON TINKERCAD.

Step 4: The Milled Design

After milling the design (image 1), you have to use a dremel (image 2), and exacto knife to make runners, an air holes with the right measurements for you to pewter cast the design and make the final jewelry.

Step 5: Pewter Casting

After making runners and air holes, you have to put wooden sticks in the holes. The wooden sticks are supposed to be cut into the size of the holes. Then you have to use 2 rubber bands to stick the two polyurethane foams together. For the last step, put the foams into the pewter casting machine for the final design. For the final design, I, was thinking between painting and not painting it.

Step 6: The Final Jewelry Should Look Like This!!

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