Jewelry Box Hiding Place




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Gently glue the white small paper to the box like picture 1,so people will think it's a empty chocolate box because the sheet is a chocolate sheet you will find that in some chocolate boxes or make a plain sheet on the sheet you can decorate it with anything u want

Step 1: Covering the Box

Take you paper and cover the lid first so take you tape and and cover all of it in any color like pic one

Step 2: Covering the Box (Cont)

So now cover the box like you covered the lid in some other color like red if you like I'm making it as a valentine day box too so it's your choice

Step 3: Putting the Mold

Put the mold gently in the box in the molds you can keep your jewelry and stuff and under it big stuff too

Step 4: Decorating

Then take the lid of the box and start decorating with cut outs of different colors makers etc

Step 5: How to Use

You can use it in 2 ways that I know a jewelry box and a hiding place maybe you can tell some more ways comment below pls

Step 6: Thank You for Seeing

Thank you pls comment below and show how you can make it



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    4 years ago

    The name is jewelry box hiding place


    4 years ago

    You could decorate inside to just like I did and any one on fashion story