Jewelry Box by Dominic

Introduction: Jewelry Box by Dominic


As I was in need of a jewelry box I got the opportunity from my school to make one for a certain class.

The jewelry box will be used to store any jewelry's I got. It is made out of wood and will have a size of 10x7.5x5 cm.

For this process I will be using a Lasercutter, 3D printer, a switch for a light source, a joint for the lid, a lock to secure the box.


  • Wood > Lasercutter into a box shape, with the size of 10x7.5x5
  • Plastic Jewelry > Making a ring
  • Switch
  • Joint
  • Lock
  • Clamps
  • Glue gun
  • Piece of cloth
  • Cardboard
  • Foam

MoSCoW list:

Must have:

- Box

- Lid

- Switch

- Plastic Jewelry

- Glue gun

- Clamps

Should have:

- Lock

- Filling

- Joint

- Foam

Could have:

- Piece of cloth

- Cardboard

- Mirror

Would like to have:


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Step 1: Making the Box

For this step I used the Laser-cutter that we have available at the Stadslab Rotterdam.

I started by designing a small jewelry box since I figured that it doesn't have to be that big, so I started measuring some old boxes I had at home and came to the size of: 10cm x 7.5cm x 5 cm. This seems a little bit too small but since I don't have that much jewelry I can fit it all in their.

I made the design for the Laser-cutter at:

(Personal option)

After that I edited it in Adobe Illustrator for the space in the lid.

And finally I went to the Laser-cutter at the Stadslab to cut the wood to the size the box has to be.

After having the wood cut U will need to polish it since it will be dirty with burned wood.

Step 2: Constructing the Box

For this step I used 4 clamps to hold the wood while it was drying from the glue.

I started by gluing parts of the side from the bottom, in the little finger joints U put the glue and push the side hard against it. After having 2 sides done which are standing across from each other I put a clam on them so they cant get loose.

I continued to do this and in the end I let it dry for about 2 hours. After that everything was assembled and I could go decide what to do now.

Step 3: Clothing the Box

When the box is glued together U will be able to get the lid of so U can put the cloth in it.

First of all u need to measure the lenght and width of the cloth which ur gonna put it in.

I measured it so that it can fit all around and a bit on the inside.

After the measuring is done I put some glue on the wooden parts and put the cloth on and hold it for 1-2 minutes.

Step 4: Adding the Joint and Lock

After having the cloth inside and around it, the next step will be putting on the joint and lock. We first start with the joints.

The joints are 4cm x 2.7 cm.

When putting the joints on U want to put the lid on the case so it is easier to screw it.

When u have the joints on their place just drive the screws in, and try to open and close it properly now the joints have been applied.

After the 2 joints have been applied I tried to put on the lock the same way. By just holding it and hammer the screws in since it is a small and old lock.

Step 5: 3D Printing the Ring

I had to make a 3D printed object, which I choose to be a ring which I can put inside the box.

So I searched for a design and eventually I came on this website:

This website helped alot with finding the perfect ring.

When I found the ring I wanted, I downloaded it and edited it on the pc to my finger's width.

After that I just let the program of the 3D-printer do the rest of the work and eventually I got the ring.

Step 6: Adding the Switch for the Lights and Adding a Mirror

Fortunate enough we had some lights and battery's remaining from Christmas, so I took a lot of lights and cutted it so I had 2 lamps remaining. After that I just took some sticking paper and put it on the cable and applied it to the lid casing on the inside.

For the mirror I put some glue on the back and attached it to the lid so I got enough space for the lamps.

Step 7: Final Result

And finally this is the end resullt. Im really proud that I made this since I am not really handy with construction, but it was fun to learn something about constructing and making objects.

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