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Introduction: Jewelry Display

Similar to the other displays I saw, but this is what I use for my craft festival display.  I had a Collage frame I had bought to put photo's of my grandchildren in, but the glass got broken before I could use it.  It cost more to replace the glass than to buy a new one, so I bought another one and just put this one back to save. (First rule of thrifty crafters: never throw away anything!!)   :o)  Was trying to figure out a new display idea one day when I saw this in my supply closet.  I had an inspiration and took off the back, placed some pretty striped linen over the back cardboard piece and staped it on (not glued, in case I ever wanted to change it)  A solid or subdued pattern works best because it doesn't distract from your jewelry pieces.  I placed the linen covered board behind the collage cutouts and fastened it back in.  The little cutouts make perfect "frames" for some of my prettier pieces.  Frame can be turned either way, upright or sideways.  I fasten the tabs that I put my earrings on with straight pins.  That way I can easily change pieces or arrangement.  Frames can be found very inexpensively at thrift stores or rummage sales, especially if the glass is broken, which you don't need anyway.  You can make you own collage frame with a piece of poster board and an exacto knife. Draw  your squares on the back and then cut out with the knife on a hard surface, that way the front looks neater.  I then display my frames on an artist's easel or hung on the wall if an indoor sale.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very cute idea! My cousin has a ton of earrings and no place to display them... I may have to make her this as a bday gift! Thanks for sharing.