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Introduction: Jewelry From Old Cables

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while treasurehunting in the attic I found loads and loads of old and almost forgotten cables

-apparantly in our wireless times there is no use for them anymore...

so theres 3 possibilities:

1. Landfill

2. find a new kind of use

3. leave the pile of cables in a corner on the atticand forget it for a couple of years.

I chose number two - and tried something new :)

This instructable is for inspiration on jewelery making and a guide on what to find INSIDE different cables, and how to gather it.

what to expect from an old cable?
- many thin cables in different coloured coatings and sizes, metal wire, copper wire, braided metal

Note: all cables are different even though they have the same purpose! so eand I´m sure theres more to find. I'll show you my resluts from my cable-slaughter and my attempts of jewelery making :)


Step 1: Gather Materials From the Insides

Grab a random cable from your pile and cut the plugs with a wire cutter

- now you can already see what kind of treasures are inside :)

Take a a semi - sharp knife and cut about 10 cm / 4 inches along the outer rubber coating

bend the cables from the inside in a 90 degree angle and pull - the rubber coating will tear apart by itself, and you'll end up with many different cables and wires ;)

see the next steps for a guide on what to find in what kind of cable.

Step 2: Different Purpose Different Insides

SCART cables will provide you with many coloured coated thin cables and also the thin wire from the crotched bracelet

DVI-HDMI / HDMI Cables are my unbeaten favorite! theres the beautiful wire-braid, many coloured, tiny cables and also wire for crotchets

phone cables content only two cables but one is a nice clearcoated copperwire

LAN cables content also many different coloured tin cables some are with nice stripes

Step 3: Inspiration No.1 Crotchet Bracelet

the thin wire found in SCART and HDMI cables

with dead easy single crotchet and some glassbeads make a very intresting bracelet, ring, collier

I needed around 1,2 meters for 1,5 rows

Step 4: Inspiration No.2 Knotted Earring

the colourful tiny cables are perfect for braiding and decorative knots,

i used for the earring five strands of three different colours.

Step 5: Inspiration No.3 Use of the Braided Wire

the wire braid as gathered from HDMI Cables is hollow but quite stabile, so you can use it as it is,

or press it together for a flat braid - as seen in the flat bracelet.

Step 6: Inspiration No.4 Friendship Bracelets

this is my first attempt on weaving a friendship bracelet, but i like the style of the cables

and also it's waterproof and won't stink ;)

Step 7: Any Toughts?

This was new terrain for me and I'm sure there's way more to uncover,

please leave a comment with your thoughts and ideas!

From trash to treasure - Happy crafting!

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