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Introduction: Jewelry I Have Made

About: ugh hi you can follow me on instagram: jothemermaid

Here are some pieces of jewelry I have made over the time!



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    could you add an instructable for the first one? or one like it? pretty please? :D

    Very well done. I myself have not made any jewelry, but i have been thinking about making some pendants for a while now.

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    Thank you! :D So how were you thinking of making pendants? And what type?

    getting soft welding rods, heating them up, bending them into knot shapes on a little bending jig, then melting them together where the rod crosses over itself. Idk if it would work, but it seems plausible to me. After all the work, i can just polish them up. Right now, that project is on the "wait till i get more money" list

    Yeah! That is a really good idea! I like the idea of the pendants looking like knots! Make sure to make an instructable when you do get around to it!

    You would not have to do knots, but recently i have been very into Celtic art,so i would probably do knots.

    Cool! I especially like the blue bracelet. Have you ever worn the blue necklace and the bracelet together? I think it would go good with a white blouse or maybe dress, if you like them.

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    Thanks! I like your idea of the blue bracelet and necklace together! But, I am going to sell the blue necklace this winter!