Jewelry Organizer on a Budget



Introduction: Jewelry Organizer on a Budget

Since my makeup organizer, I wanted something for my jewelry as well, but with a toddle it is pretty tough job to do. I wanted something luxury however ended up with this normal holder. I hope you like it

I have picture of how my jewelry drawer looked like and how it looks now

Step 1: Laying Out the Design

I am using what ever I had already. In fact I am using scraps of rexine I had left from my tufted headboard.

I am using the plastic boxes which i used originally to store my jewelry. I CUT DOWN the lids of the boxes once i was happy with the design

Step 2: Making Ring Holder

Simply roll the rexine pieces to make this. I made 5 per box and pasted the loose end with double sided tape. Paste all of these rolls with craft glue so when u take out your rings they don't come out.

Step 3: Making Bangle/braclet Holder

I used the fresh wrap and chopped it to my desired length.

Hand sew the scrap rexine on it

Step 4: Covering Base of Each Container With Rexine

I even placed a scrap rexine piece to cover the base of my drawer as well as each container.

Step 5: Necklace Holder

Step 6: Locket Holder 1 Partitioned

i used a pencil for this one as shown in pictures

Step 7: Locket Holder 2

using apple headphones box lid

Step 8: Locket Holder 3 (only for Ideas)

An idea i made but it didn't worked for me.

it looks amazing though

I used an old jewelry box , cut open it and removed this semi heart shape Covered it with rexine and pasted on top of base rexine. It looks beautiful it you are displaying one locket only however if you have more then one it looks clustered So i used this piece for watch display untill i can get somone to make me watch cushion out of rexine

Step 9: Earring Holder

for the long earring i simply placed them over lid of my necklace holder.

Step 10: Once My Jewelry Increases

I will simply bring same dimension boxes and do the entire same thing underneath these

I have given an idea with help of a picture

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