Jewelry Organizer

Learn how to make a quick and easy organizer jewelry in 1 minute.

Lets get started!!!

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Step 1: Materials

  1. Cardboard Tube
  2. 40x16 piece of cloth
  3. Glue gun (or any glue that work)

Step 2: Put Glue to the Cardboard Tube

Put glue to the cardboard tube and put the piece of cloth

Step 3: Wound the Cardboard Tube With the Piece of Cloth

Wound the cardboard tube with the piece of cloth and paste it

Step 4: Introduce the Excess Fabric on the Tube

Introduce the excess fabric on the tube and it is ready!!

Step 5: Put the Jewelry in the Tube

Put the jewelry in the tube and enjoy!!!!

Step 6: It Is Done!!!!!

you are ready!!!

now you can show your jewelry with style!!!!

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