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Our Yo-Kai Watch party is just around the corner and I've been hard at work preparing for it. One thing every party needs is party favors. The container for those favors is an important element and provides a great chance to be creative. The favor container needs to fit the party theme to tie it all together.

Yo-Kai Watch is a relatively new show to the US so there isn't a whole lot out there as far as ideas go for parties so I decided to make my own.

This is what I came up with. These were made with materials I already had laying around the house so it didn't cost me anything, which I love! The bag features one the most recognizable characters: Jibanyan.

You will need:

*paper lunch bags

*card stock and printer


*glue stick

*tiny brads

*duck tape

Step 1: The Pattern

Print the pattern on card stock

Cut out the pieces. When you cut out the two tails, leave a little paper at the end like in the photo. This allows you to connect it later.

Step 2: Cut the Bags

The paper bags are too tall for the design so they have to be cut.

Fold the bag in half top to bottom

Unfold it and use the fold line as a guide to cut on.

Step 3: Add the Face

Lay the bag flat and cover it in glue with the glue stick

Align the face and press firmly to attach.

A little of the bag will show at the top. With the bag still flat, cut around the boarder of the face to remove the excess bag.

Step 4: The Tails

To attach the tails, I used some tiny brads. I'm sure you can attach them in another way if you don't have the brads.

Push a brad through the excess paper at the end of the tail from the back. (see photos)

On the side of the bag where all the folds meet, press the brad through.

Spread open the legs of the brad on the inside of the bag.

Repeat for other tail.

Step 5: Stop the Flop

The tails won't stay upright on their own so they need to be glued

Put some glue on the back corner of the bag (where the bag is held in the photo)

Press the edge of the tail into the glue and hold pressure for a few seconds.

We just want a little bit of the tail to be glued so that it stays upright.

Step 6: Handle and Done

All that is left to finish it off is adding a handle.

Pull out a length of duck tape. Make it bigger if you are unsure how much you need, you can always cut it smaller.

Carefully fold the tape over on itself in half longways. This is the handle.

Use a piece of duct tape to stick one end of the handle to one side of the bag.

Repeat for the other side.

Now you have a totally cute little treat bag for an awesome party!



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