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Introduction: Jiffycoil's Tesla Coil Projects

I'm new here and I love the high voltage projects that have been put into Instructables format. My passion is building Tesla coils and I wanted to share images of the Tesla coils I have completed. I 'm planning to post Instructables for my future Tesla Coils so watch for them here.



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    Great work! could you help me out with the specs for the middle sized wooden box one? Thanks!

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    Thanks, theres not really an exact question but what did you use, whats the transformer size and all?

    I used a 10kv 23ma oil burner transformer for that build.

    great, what are the specs of the other components? adn what is the two bars at the middle? Thanks man!

    Beautiful work! All very neat and symmetrical. I'm sure that Nicola would approve of it! :-)

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    so I have been wanting to build a tesla coil for quite a wile it seems that a finally have time to go at it. I have been reading questions from some people regarding the construction process you have said that the coil should be designed around the transformer. so my question is I have found some Transco 5000 v and 6000v will these work to build a coil.

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    As long as the transformer is Non-GFI then it will be fine for a medium size Tesla coil. The transformer should say if it is GFI or not. If it has green red and yellow LEDs on them then they are GFI and will not work for Tesla coils. GFI are put on transformers to protect them in case of short circuit. The way Tesla coils work would tell a GFI protected transformer that there is a short circuit and shut the transformer down. I hope this helps.

    What type of capasitor should i used for my 20volt tesla .? Pleas tell me.

    I have been fascinated with Tesla Coils since my first day of college and now I want to make 5 small versions and program them to music. I have done much research but none as small as yours I have found. I would love a mentor in this adventure of knowledge.

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    Hi, I haven't been to this site in quite sometime. I would be glad to help in any way I can. Are you familiar with solid-state Tesla coils? You will need to make your coils solid-state for them to output audio. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    Hi JiffyCoil,

    Amazing artistic and beautiful coils. I'm extremely interested in your bipolar coil and would love to adapt your design for my classroom.

    I have a couple questions
    Any chance of a labeled picture or a component list?
    The ceramic insulators on the ends of the secondary, where can I find some similar?

    Again, beautiful work!



    Another newbie to coils, I need to make one particularly compact as ultimately it will be enclosed, so the tetrahedron looks especially interesting. I have good facilities, but little time so I need to know that my efforts will work. How ready are you to post more instructables? Are any drafts available?


    This is one of the best Tesla Coil I have ever seen in my life!!!

    Love it !!

    Hey Adam,
    Ill be glad to help when you are ready. When you have the transformer specs I'll help you determine the overall coil specifications. Good luck with your new home.


    These are some beautiful coils, quite inspiring. Building a small-ish coil has always been on my list of must-do's. I know there are lots of resources out there but you seem to have it figured out. Can you point an aspiring coiler toward a reasonably attainable telsa coil how-to that might be worth tackling as a first timer? Thanks!

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    Thanks so much. The small coils can certainly have amazing output. The key to this is building a well engineered coil. Do you have access to small neon transformers or oil burner transformers? Where are you located? The key is to build around the transformer. If you can obtain the transformer then there will be no problem getting everything else. You can build around 3 kV 8mA transformers but finding a 10kV 23mA oil burner transformer would be best for a great small Tesla coil. eBay is a great place to look. I find old non solid state oil burner transformers from local heating and air conditioning companies. Let me know where you live and I'll see if I can help you find the transformer. Once you have that I will be glad to guide you the rest of the way.
    Cheers, Michael

    Thanks @jiffycoil, I do have a transformer I picked up for free some years ago with this exact application in-mind. I just moved from central NY to west-central PA though and much of my stuff is in boxes. I'll definitely dig it up here soon and post back the specs. Fair warning, it may be a little while, we're starting to build a house here soon, and only in temporary diggs for a bit, so my "workshop" space is going to be severely limited for a bit, but now that I'm motivated, I'll definitely circle back to this. First things first, next time I'm in our storage unit, I'll try to dig up the xfrmr and see if we can't start thinking about a shopping list. Thanks again, much appreciated!

    Kind Regards,