Jig for Drilling Holes in Ball

Introduction: Jig for Drilling Holes in Ball

     This one is very simple and easy.  To drill centered holes in round balls take two plates of soft metal such as aluminum or brass or even hard wood and drill three holes through both plates clamped together.

For the third hole do not drill all the way into the second plate, just enough to go about half way through or less.  The diameter of the holes should be just under the diameter of the balls so that they won't get wedged into the holes when clamped together.

Now unclamp the plates and through the partially drilled last hole finish drilling a hole the same size as the drill bit you will be using to drill your hole in the ball.

Place three balls in the holes and clamp the plates together and line them up on your drill press table with the drill bit.

Use plenty of lubricant and every fraction of an inch you go down lift the bit a little to clear chips and allow more lube to enter.

That's it.  Very simple, very easy.  Works very well for me.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    It really pays to have hardened drill bit guides and as such projects quite often require small hole drilling you are going to want very short, very well made and sharpened bits. It can be too easy to get bit deflection. If you are doing quite a few balls you might want to have a pin that you can stick in the hole in the finished ball to eyeball if it is straight. Use caution on this one.